Roam Like Ghosts is an original acoustic duo of Mathew Daugherty on vocals and Bucky Fairfax on guitars. The group blends styles across various genres from rock to folk for an alternative sound that is a fall back to post grunge acoustic songs with progressive swampy flair.

The virtual duo based in Reston, VA and Cary, NC respectively, rejoins twenty years after their former band SEDAH, based in Richmond, VA, ended. Although Daugherty and Fairfax continued separately with other bands, notably for Daugherty - Drivelink, 3STARKARMA and notably for Fairfax - Radio Silent Auction, and Something for Now, collaborations occurred over the years for a handful of songs. In 2017, a new sound and writing style with more subtle intensity and reflection emerged between the duo. Delicate guitar playing and restraint coupled with vocal strength, ghostly melodies, and sober thoughtfulness forms songs of love and loss, life and death, hope and fear.

With our debut album, "Yesterday and the Day Before", we return to provide a musical fusion and softer side of our formative rebellious years with reminiscence, simplicity, and refinement.


"Yesterday and the Day Before" was released on October 20th, 2017, digitally. "With the popularity of digital media and everyone listening to everything through a digital device, whether downloading or streaming, we didn't see the purpose for manufactoring tons of CD's that a listener would just burn onto their computer or device. Plus it made for less things to bring to shows." For almost a year, the duo went back and forth, crossing state lines to write and record this album. "We are pretty happy with outcome and hope that everyone else is too."

"Yesterday and the Day Before" was recorded at Osceola Recording Studios in Raleigh, NC with Dick Hodgin (Hootie and The Blowfish, Cravin' Melon, Clay Aiken, Corrosion Of Conformity, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Quest) at the helm, engineering and producing.
Yesterday and the day before
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Our song 'Smile' was reviewed on Indie Music Plus episode 156. Check it out on their YouTube Channel - HERE
Roam Like Ghosts is an innovative blend of roots-y sounds, put through a post-grunge alternative lens...Anchored by graceful guitar playing and augmented by introspective vocals, the music takes the listener an emotional ride through the ebb and flow of life.
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"The album, which one could surmise is something of an anthology, includes standout songs like the opening track, “When The Wind Blew,” plus “The Quiet”; “If Walls Could Talk,” and “Smile.”

The latter track, “Smile,” is a single waiting in the wings thanks to its beautifully layered harmonies and musical instruments creating magnificent melodies."
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"Musically, Roam Like Ghosts is acoustically driven with rich textures and warm rhythms. Vocally, Daugherty and Fairfax’s singing were absolutely fantastic..."
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"'Smile' is perhaps the duo’s most affecting number, with its sunny, hopeful eloquence that conveys the singer’s sincere wish to make up with his girl and get back together. Solid all around, these Ghosts could bring a humanistic spirit to any coffeehouse... "
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"RLG manage to traverse that territory alongside other familiar ones like country and folk. But the band's very core is unmistakably alternative, which makes them sound contemporary and focused. The convincing performances of Matthew Daugherty on vocals and Bucky Fairfax on the acoustic and slide guitar also help with this ambitious task..."
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"Roam Like Ghosts make a bold statement with their debut, Yesterday and the Day Before, by going against the current of today’s hip-pop wave..."
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"Currently in the midst of the big-wave-of-sound musical culture, I find projects like Roam Like Ghosts‘ debut album, Yesterday And The Day Before, refreshing in its minimalist and low-maintenance approach. Skilled guitar artistry, bonafide vocal prowess..."
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"Roam Like Ghosts blends the alternative world in an acoustic demeanor towards a grungy bravura through a collaborative effort to infiltrate the music scene on their newest single , ‘Smile’..."
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"The Quiet" was selected to be added/shared on Pretty in Noise's (Germany) Soundcloud Playlist. Check it on Soundcloud - Pretty in Noise FM Soundcloud
"Smile" was selected by TEEJUS to be added to the Spotify playlist Sad Times. Thanks TEEJUS!!!! You can listen and add the playlist to your Spotify here: Sad Times Playlist on Spotify

"One Thing" has been added to a new Spotify playlist entitled, ironically, "Roam Like Ghosts" by creator turtlebugsgranny. You can get to it and follow or add it by clicking here: Roam Like Ghosts playlist on Spotify.
Another licensing deal with SongTradr!!!! Our songs, "Smile" and "See You Again" were selected for the Songtradr Premier Overhead Radio deal.
Hard work pays off. Our little duo, ROAM LIKE GHOSTS, have finally received notice from SongTradr, that 8 of the songs from our album, “Yesterday and the Day Before”, were selected into a licensing deal with MooD Overhead music.